"The Sell Books App adds one more way for college stores to remain relevant to the smart phone and apps culture of our students."
- Dr. Jeff Zeilenga, University of Missouri
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Bookstores are signing up rapidly! Don't miss your chance!

Yep! We've been busy! We're adding new bookstores constantly! [Read More]

About the Sell Books App

It's a mobile app that allows students to check the prices of their used books. Students can type the ISBN of their book, or scan the barcode using the camera on their smartphone. [Read More]

Who's Using it?

Already many prominent bookstore have signed up for the Sell Books Mobile App! These include the University of Missouri Bookstore, San Francisco State University Bookstore, The Campus Bookstore at Queen's University and many others. [Read More]

Where do the book prices come from?

The Sell Books App already has all the major used book wholesaler databases loaded into it. Also, you can submit your own "want list" electronically to ensure that you get the books you need back! [Read More]

How much does it cost?

The Sell Books App starts at just $62.00/month + a small setup fee. This includes free support to your store and to your customers. It's a worry-free solution! We also include sample marketing materials to help you promote the app! [Read More]

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