"The Sell Books App puts one of most the widely used and powerful services of our store into the pockets of our students."
- Chris Tabor, Queen's University
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About Bookstore 2.0

A little company doing awesome things for the college store industry!

Contact Us

Email: info@bookstore20.com

Telephone: 1-866-630-2251 ext 276

Roots in the College Bookstore Industry

Bookstore 2.0 is developing a new breed of software solutions to help the college store industry compete more effectively in the modern, technology-driven, book industry. Our parent company, CutCom Software Inc., has developed large scale back-office solutions for The Canadian Campus Retail Associates, and the Independent College Bookstores Association.

Our "Sell Books" App is the first product within our Bookstore 2.0 product line. We are planning several other mobile applications over the coming months.

Our firm is headquartered in Kingston Ontario Canada and has over 10 years of experience within the college bookstore industry.

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